Your PDF, Take 2: Undo and Redo functions in Acrobat

With each successive version, there are more features that you can — and in some cases need to — add to your PDF documents in Acrobat before they can be considered ready for archival, distribution or sale. That’s great, but what happens if you make a mistake? Luckily, Acrobat boasts Undo and Redo functions similar to those of word-processing applications such as Microsoft Word to make life just that little bit easier.

Here’s how to use them:

  • To Undo the previous command or action, simply hold Ctrl + Z. This can be performed multiple times.
  • To Redo the command or action that you have just undone, hold Ctrl + Y. This can also be performed multiple times, but not more than the number of actions that have been undone.

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alt=’Acrobat 7’s "Undo" command’>

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