Working Group Formed: New PDF in Engineering Standard

AIIM, the international authority on Enterprise Content Management, and NPES, The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies, have announced a joint effort ‘to promote and oversee the collaboration of industry leaders to advance standards and best practices for the use of the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) in engineering workflows.’

The new PDF Engineering (PDF/E) Working Group — including representatives from Adobe Systems, Agile, Bentley Systems, Hewlett Packard, Oc?Intel, PTC, Layton Graphics, Dell, UGS and PLM Solutions — will work to develop in tandem a new standard for document collaboration and exchange in the engineering processes.

‘The coming together of key industry leaders, technology experts, document management authorities, and engineering professionals marks a spirit of cooperation and a new level of collaboration within the industry to define a document format that specifically meets the unique technology and communication needs of today’s engineer,’ said John Mancini, president of AIIM.

‘The working group’s goal is to achieve consensus on a standard that will improve document collaboration and print accuracy within engineering workflows, both inside companies and with extended enterprises of partners, suppliers and customers,’ said Ivan Koon, senior vice president Intelligent Documents Business Unit, Adobe. ‘An established standard will enable organizations to streamline engineering workflows that incorporate diverse sets of complex documents, resulting in improved productivity and the ability to more quickly deliver better products to market.’

The committee will jointly identify issues and propose solutions. The group will develop a draft document for presentation to an international joint working group of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for development and approval as an International Standard.

‘We see this as a natural extension of our highly successful efforts with the PDF-Archive standard for the long-term preservation of electronic documents, ‘ said Mancini. ‘With this new PDF/E standard, engineering professionals will be able to reliably create, exchange, and review large format documents. PDF/E will enable engineering organizations to work more effectively.’

According to the joint AIIM-NPES announcement, the proposed draft document is expected to be submitted to ISO in December 2004 with an anticipated publication date of mid-2006.

AIIM and NPES are seeking interested parties capable of contributing technical expertise and industry experience to actively participate in this collaborative effort.

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