Windows 8 Reader Review

Windows 8 Reader is a crisp and clear reader, presenting the selected PDF for view front and center. Nearly devoid of functions, and options, it does exactly what it is suppose to, read PDF

Interaction with a document is isolated to a handful of functions. Double-clicking text then right-clicking brings up three options for in-text interaction. The addition of notes, highlighting text (only in yellow) and copying text are the three things that can be done. Notes are easily added, accessible afterward and edited or deleted if required.

Right-clicking in the document will bring up the options tool bar located at the bottom of the screen. Contained within is a text search tool bar, allowing for results to either be displayed in a dialog box at the bottom right or scrolling through the results where the searched for word is temporarily highlighted.

Three page view options are available – two pages, one page and continuous. Zooming is done easily where zooming out can reach a point where all pages become visible.

Clicking info provides what would be expected with the file name, creation date and time, number of pages, file size. The permissions are also provided.

Clicking rotate causes every page in the PDF Document to be rotated 90 degrees to the left (in an anti-clockwise direction).

Once the file is closed, the recent documents are displayed.

The touch screen on the ‘Dell inspiron’, has a good response and interacts well with the Windows 8 interface.

Overall, the Windows 8 Reader does exactly what it is suppose to do, working in a way that is congruent to Windows 8 in general (positives or negatives of this version of the operating system aside). Although there are very few options for interacting with the document itself this is not needed because if it were a component it would be called the Windows 8 Editor.

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