WindJack Solutions releases AcroButtons

WindJack Solutions has released AcroButtons, a solution for quickly and easily adding custom, scriptable buttons to the Adobe® Acrobat® 6 toolbar. The plug-in creates toolbar buttons with the image and Folder Level JavaScript functionality of your choice.

According to the company, AcroButtons turns repetitive tasks and menu walking through Acrobat into one-click operations, with button images that are meaningful and recognizable, saving time and increasing productivity in PDF workflows.

AcroButtons creates pure JavaScript toolbar buttons that are platform independent (Windows, Mac), and usable by both Acrobat 6 and Adobe Reader 6 users. AcroButtons toolbar buttons and can be embedded into a PDF document. Embedded toolbar buttons travel with the document for controlling document specific features. Toolbar buttons are easily distributed and shared with everyone in your organization.

AcroButtons lets you choose the JavaScript functionality for your toolbar button. Easily enter or paste in your own JavaScript code, or select from more than 30 useful JavaScrippets provided with the plug-in. You can add, delete, or edit all JavaScrippets to fit your needs. AcroButtons is the first tool we know of that provides a collection of Acrobat JavaScripts. They can be used as they are, or as a guide for creating more complex operations. AcroButtons greatly reduces the time and entry requirements for adding powerful JavaScript capability to PDF documents.

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