Win32 API – Minimizing Acrobat Exchange

How to minimise Acrobat Exchange.

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[snip - declarations etc...]

' Get hWnd to Acrobat Exchange

' Get handle to desktop window

hWndDesktop = GetDesktopWindow()

' Find handle to acrobat exchange window

hWndExchange = GetTopWindow(hWndDesktop)

' Check title bar of window to determine if it is the correct one

AcrobatTitle = String(16, 0)

GetWindowText hWndExchange, AcrobatTitle, 17

' Cycle through all top level windows until Acrobat Exchange window is found

While AcrobatTitle <> 'Acrobat Exchange'

hWndExchange = GetNextWindow(hWndExchange, GW_HWNDNEXT)

If hWndExchange = 0 Then
hWndExchange = GetTopWindow(hWndDesktop)

End If

GetWindowText hWndExchange, AcrobatTitle, 17


' Minimise the Acrobat Exchange window

SendMessage hWndExchange, WM_SYSCOMMAND, SC_MINIMIZE, 0

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