Where are they now? Iconic entrepreneurs rediscovered in PDF!

Inc. Magazine discovers what’s happened to several of ‘yesterday’s iconic


The May 1 issue of

Inc. Magazine asks the following:

‘Is there life after entrepreneurship? Can business leaders find

happiness outside their company walls?’

The answer appears in an item — also posted to the magazine’s Web site — titled

Where Are They Now?,’ a collection of five free-to-download PDFs

profiling ‘amazing & true adventures of five iconic businesses.’

The featured entrepreneurs are:

Ben and Jerry

The subjects are chronicled in the form of newspaper comic panels. For example, the

former Vermont-based ice cream magnates Ben & Jerry are introduced as follows:

‘What’s going on with Ben and Jerry? After selling their company to

Unilever in 2000, the dynamic duo threw their energy into political


Note: The Ben and Jerry’s Web site describes the deal as the two companies

joining forces ‘to create an even more dynamic, socially positive ice cream business

with a much more global reach.’

Successive panels explain that they they’re currently showcasing a ’12-foot statue

of George W. Bush with pants aflame,’ a visual tie to their related PantsOnFire.net (POF) liberal

advocacy group Web site.

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