What is Adobe Acrobat?

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If you’ve ever opened a PDF file, the chances are that you used Adobe Systems’ Reader, the free viewing and printing software for PDF files. While powerful in it’s own right, Adobe Reader is a limited program, intended first and foremost to deliver PDF files and capabilities to both screen and printer in a reliable, functional manner.

The big brother of Adobe Reader is Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Systems’ flagship software product for all things PDF.

While there are many options for 3rd party PDF creation software, and even though Acrobat is not a requirement for creating PDF files, it remains the reference standard application for managing PDF content. For this reason, Planet PDF recommends all serious users of PDF become familiar with Acrobat Standard and Professional.

With version 6.0, released in May, 2003, Acrobat has matured into the single most versatile piece of software in the electronic document marketplace today. Acrobat allows users to:

  • Create PDF files with pushbutton ease from a wide variety of software
  • Manage, quality-control and optimize PDFs for online or print
  • Change, correct and extract content
  • Add navigational and interactive capabilities
  • Add javascripts and other methods that run reliably in the Acrobat Reader environment
  • Perform elaborate document review and comment cycles
  • Perform batch operations over many PDF files at once
  • Search collections of PDFs

Planet PDF has developed a wide variety of resources for those interested in learning more about the latest version of Acrobat.

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Planet PDF’s first look at Acrobat 6.0 by Planet PDF Managing Editor, Richard Crocker

Acrobat 6.0: Standard vs Professional Planet PDF Editor Dan Shea demystifies the selection process, with a feature matrix, for easy comparison.

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