Welcome to the new Planet PDF!

We’re very pleased to launch our all-new Web site. The beta version performed well over the past week and we thank everyone for their feedback. We’ll be making use of it soon to improve the site further. We encourage you to keep the feedback coming in by heading to the contact page.

The launch of the new site (unoriginally codenamed Planet PDF 2.0) is only the beginning, by the way. We’ve already started on a series of additional features for version 2.1 that you can expect to see very soon.

What happened to all the content?

Planet PDF Classic
All the content is still accessible. As part of the change to the new site we have republished all the tips, in-depth articles and learning centers dating back to 1998, as well as all the news we’ve published this year. All the old news items and most of the Weblog can be accessed by visiting the ‘Planet PDF Classic‘ part of the site.


Over the last year we’ve sought and compiled feedback from community members, and we’ve used it to help design and rollout the brand-new site. What you’ll notice immediately is that the site looks completely different. But of course the changes aren’t just cosmetic, the new CMS we’re using has enabled us to overhaul the whole site structure, how it functions, and how well it functions.


We’re already the home of the PDF community. But the improved readability and layout, improved content categorization and archiving, and the entire new content areas combine to make this the PDF-related site fullstop. Some of the features are highlighted below.

Content Sections

There are three new sections to the site — Enterprise & Government, Creative & Print and Developer — which allow particular users to quickly access just the content that interests their area of use.


There are four main types of article we now publish. News, Tips, In-Depth articles and Learning Centers.

Contributor Pages

Find out more about the author or an article you’ve just read by visiting their page. Easily find more articles written by them.


The archives allow you to view only tips, news or in-depth articles included in a particular category. For example, view only news items related to the Standards & Accessibility category.

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