Vitrium Systems rolls out Docmetrics

Vitrium Systems has updated its unique smart PDF web-based docmetrics system Docmetrics with updates in anticipation of the upcoming release of Adobe Reader 9 and Adobe Acrobat 9. Docmetrics transforms standard PDFs into ‘smart documents’ that gather and glean marketing data for boosted lead generation and customer engagement.

The system offers users a wide range of reporting in terms of document analytics including:

  1. which elements of document style and content engaged readers most effectively
  2. how documents can be adjusted and refined for enhanced reader interest

In addition, the Document Performance Report allows users to rank documents according to the key document analytics metrics (readers, opens, prints, engagement by depth and time spent). The user can click on any of the documents listed and received a detailed and actionable report on the specific document.

Users can further customize reports by sorting and segmenting leads by user-assigned variables and rank and filter leads according to customized form fields.

The docmetrics system enables users to enhance their standard PDFs with in-document forms that provide data on who reads the content of the associated white papers, data sheets or other electronic documents in PDF form. Additionally, the docmetrics documents provide document analytics technology that measures how readers read content.

Using Docmetrics content providers can also measure how readers consume and engage with the associated content by gathering real time data on how many readers open a document, how many pages in the document readers view and how long readers spend reading each page.

I had the opportunity to interview Peter Nieforth, chief executive officer, Vitrium Systems who touted the direct and immediate access marketers have to in-depth and actionable information in the form of captured data from the forms.

Nieforth said the online program is providing both online marketers and electronic publishers with a new tool to gather better quality data and react to possible lead opportunities in real-time.

Using Docmetrics, companies can survey readers while they are engaged with PDF content, and capture data on ‘pass along’ readers who received content through online sharing, said Nieforth.

For information on the web-based system and entry pricing users can go to, visit

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