Vitrium Systems offers new telephone unlock feature in protectedpdf Small Business Edition v2

In an exclusive for Planet PDF, this story features an interview with Peter Nieforth, Co-founder and CEO of Vitrium, on the company’s latest 2.0 release. The release will debut this month and free trials are available at the company web site.

The completely web-based application empowers content providers of books, magazines, white papers, reports and data sheet to define and modify reader access rights to their delivered content. Vitrium offers PDF protection that does not require readers to use third-party software to view files.

The latest release offers users the ability to unlock and view protected PDFs without internet access by using the 2.0 version’s newest addition, the telephone unlocking feature. Overall, the solution and release are targeted at users who generate content and are in need of an easy-to-use program for tracking that content once it’s distributed. The small business edition is ideal for white papers, case studies, ebooks and other forms of publishable content.

Doing anything these days without having to access the internet was such an interesting concept that we had to go straight to Nieforth and get the scoop on this latest release.

NETTIE HARTSOCK, Planet PDF Contributing Editor: Can you talk about why the phone feature was added?

PETER NIEFORTH, Co-founder and CEO, Vitrium Systems: The telephone feature was added to protectedpdf Small Business 2.0 to allow readers with limited to no internet access, to unlock protected files over the telephone. This feature is most beneficial to organizations that operate and send protected files to remote field offices such as the Mining or Petroleum industry.

HARTSOCK: Can you talk about the Reader Access log in 2.0 version and what it provides in terms of metrics?

NIEFORTH: The audit log is protectedpdf’s most popular feature. … Publishers love to see what content is being accessed and when it is being accessed. Who doesn’t want to know when the PDF is read or what was read? I invite any publishers of PDF content to contact us for an evaluation trial and I guarantee results or money back!

HARTSOCK: What does Vitrium have in the works over the next year in terms of your own products?

NIEFORTH: Stay tuned for a number of offerings from Vitrium for PDF protection, tracking and knowing who is reading your PDFs. We also have a transpromo offering in the works. One new product this year and another releasing in the beginning of next!

protectedpdf was built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. For information on the web-based system and the free trial users can go to

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