Vitrium Systems announces The docmetrics Challenge

Canada-based Vitrium Systems announced a unique challenge blending the best of its company’s web-based marketing software technology docmetrics and the power of PDF collateral enhanced by in-document forms and PDF analytics technology.

Docmetrics is a unique SaaS application that focuses on empowering marketing organizations by providing them the ability to capture sales leads by enhancing their PDF collateral with dynamic in-document forms and PDF analytics technology.

Using the application marketers can transform PDFs into smart documents that report reader responses as and when forms are submitted. The interactive in-document forms allow marketers to replace their standard landing page-based web forms, gathering more and better quality reader data from the enhanced PDFs.

With the launch of The docmetrics Challenge, Vitrium has pledged to provide docmetrics trial users with free access to the system until they start to see significant results. If a docmetrics users is not generating more, better-qualified sales leads when the initial 30 day trial period ends, Vitrium will extend that user’s trial, free of charge.

More information on the challenge can be found at the company website.

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