Visual Integrity updates PDF conversion products

Earlier this month Visual Integrity announced the update of all of its PDF conversion products to version 6.8.

Products included in the update include: PDF FLY, pdf2cad, pdf2image, pdf2image, pdf2picture, FLY SDK and FLY Batch.

New features with the updates give users more control over converting PDF files, forms and drawings into diverse formats with boosted editing power.

PDF FLY which is used to re-purpose or edit PDF and PostScript files now adds BMP and PostScript output capability. Additionally, the company enhanced font mapping options, watch folder support, and fine-tuning of text placement and layering based on colors for CAD formats.

Users also have new options from pdf2image including option to generate BMP files as well as JPEG, GIF and PNG. FLY Batch and FLY SDK versions 6.8 come with enhanced conversion capabilities as well as more text control and input and output formatting controls.

For a full list of enhancements you can go to the company Web site, where the products are available in a watermarked, evaluation version.

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