Visual Integrity releases new conversion bundle

Visual Integrity has released a bundle of pdf2cad, with Scan2CAD Pro from Softcover International Ltd. The bundle gives users both a vector-to-vector and raster-to-vector conversion tolls for converting PDF files into editable CAD formats.

Jean Haney, co-founder of Visual Integrity, notes, ‘Once you draw the distinction between these two types of PDF files — vector and raster — your work becomes a whole lot easier. Magnifying any PDF will quickly establish its type.’

‘Vector PDF files are defined mathematically and render on screen and in print as sharp, scalable objects and text. This can be clearly seen as sharp lines and text, when magnified. Vector PDF files can be converted into fully editable CAD objects with a high degree of accuracy using pdf2cad,’ said Haney.

Pricing for the bundle is $499. Separately, pdf2cad costs $195 and Scan2PDF Pro is $498.

‘Scan2CAD Pro and pdf2cad are ideal complementary products,’ noted Steve Hannath, marketing director of Softcover International Ltd.

For purchase you can go to the company web site where the products are available online as well as respective dealer networks.

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