VBA – Printing Multiple Word Files

This method prints all of the Word documents in the folder c:worddocstoprint.

This code sample is posted here for the general benefit of the PDF development community. Attribution and usage guidelines are as noted in the code source; please respect the wishes of the author when using this code.

Option Explicit ' Force variable declaration
' Author : Planet PDF
' Date : 11 March 1998
' Description: PrintAllWordDocsInDir
' This vb method uses prints all the word docs
' in a folder.
' This method / function should be extended to suit the requirements
' of an organisation
Sub PrintAllWord()

Dim strFileName As String
Dim strPath As String

strPath = 'c:worddocstoprint'
' Get the first word doc in the directory
strFileName = Dir(strPath + '*.doc', vbNormal)
Do While strFileName <> ''

Documents.Open FileName:=strPath + strFileName
' Get the next word doc in the directory
strFileName = Dir
End Sub

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