Using the Thumbnails/Pages pane in Acrobat

A great new feature of Acrobat 6 is the ability to enlarge and reduce the size of Thumbnails. Adobe decided to changed the name of Thumbnails to ‘Pages’ – so when you want to see them you’ll find them in the ‘View > Navigation Tabs > Pages’.

Ordinary Thumbnail sizes are usually 70% of the original size of a Page, but the new commands can take this down to an all time low and allows more Pages/Thumbnails to be seen in the navigation pane at any one time.

Show the Thumbnails/Pages Tab and Right Click (Ctrl Click – Mac) anywhere in the tab, if you select an area not occupied by a Thumbnail you will get a different context menu – however the same menu items are present in both. If you Right Clicked an Image or selected the menu from the Options Menu you will get the same menu.

Choose ‘Reduce Page Thumbnails’ several times until you get something similar to the following image.

When you save the document the thumbnail sizes are saved along with any changes you made to the document.

This new feature can be used to quickly highlight loads of pages in one selection and performs modifications to the selected pages.

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