Using the Pan and Zoom Window in Acrobat 7

If you need to ‘put things in perspective’ with your PDF documents, a neat solution can be to use Acrobat’s Pan and Zoom Window. The Pan & Zoom Window provides a small thumbnail view of your current page with basic navigability and zoom control. The main window is unaffected, however, so you are free to keep navigating and/or editing the PDF in Acrobat’s main window while the Pan and Zoom Window provides a bird’s-eye overview. All of this makes it a great way to preview page layouts.

Here’s how to use Acrobat’s Pan & Zoom Window:

  • Select > Tools > View > Pan & Zoom Window
  • The thumbnail will appear which will provide the page you are currently working. Move the red highlight box within the thumbnail
    screen to navigate around your PDF document.

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alt=’Acrobat 7’s Pan & Zoom Window’>

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