Using the ‘How To…’ panel in Acrobat

One of the welcome features in Acrobat for PDF newbies is the intuitive ‘How To…’ panel that occupies its right-hand side of the Acrobat window. One of the best things about this panel is that it’s now possible to view instructions without interfering with the manipulation of your document. In other words, you can put the instructions in the panel to use right away. Here are a few quick tips on making the most of the ‘How To…’ panel.

For instance, if you want either more room to read the instructions in the panel or a better view of the active document, grab the far left edge of the panel and drag it to re-size. Here are some keyboard shortcuts that should also help.

  • Shift+F4: Toggles the ‘How To…’ window.
  • Tab: Cycles forward between elements in the window.
  • Shift+Tab: Cycles backward between elements in the window.
  • Right arrow: Navigates to the next page.
  • Left arrow: Navigates to the previous page.
  • Home: Returns to the ‘How To…’ homepage.

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