Using File Attachments in Acrobat

Although it was possible to attach non-PDF file types to your PDF document in version 5, Acrobat 6 has taken the concept a little further and given you a complete control centre to manage File attachments.

Before we can see that added functionality let’s firstly attach an example file to a PDF.

You can attach files to your PDF in various ways. You can choose ‘File Attachments…’ from the ‘Document’ menu (1), or you can choose ‘File Attachments…’ (2) from the flyout menu above the document’s scrollbar select and lastly the ‘Attach File’ button from the ‘Attach’ toolbar (3).

For now we’ll focus only on the first two methods.

After selecting one of these two options the File Attachments dialog is displayed.

Select the ‘Import…’ button and choose a file to attach. After selecting a file to attach, it will be displayed in the the File Attachments dialog.

If you click on the attached file it’s details will be displayed on the right hand side.

To wrap things up all you need to do is ‘Save’ your PDF file.

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