Using Bookmarks to open files and other tricks

One of the lesser-known features of Acrobat’s Bookmark feature is that you can use it to open a file.

  1. Just go to an existing bookmark and right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac).
  2. Then pick ‘Properties’ and you’ll see a tab for ‘actions’.
  3. One of the choices will be ‘Open File.’
  4. So now you see that you can use a bookmark to open a file, or a bunch of other things (i.e. open a weblink etc.)

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alt=’Bookmark Properties dialog’>

You could use this technique to great advantage if you wanted to create a blank PDF document that simply had links to other key documents, files, web-pages, images, or whatever. Think ‘trial notebook.’ And the best part of this trick is that the links are hierarchical, which means if you have the Master PDF and all of its other files in a group of folders you can move the entire group to a new location and the links will still work. In other words, the links are relative links. Pretty cool, huh?

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