Using and Setting the Properties of Bookmarks

An often overlooked feature in Acrobat is the ability to change a Bookmarks colour and style properties.

In Acrobat 5.0 to show the bookmark tab go to Window > Bookmarks or press F5. In Acrobat 6.0 go to View > Navigation Tabs > Bookmarks.

Select a bookmark that you want to change the properties for.

Now display the context menu for the selected bookmark (MAC – Control Click / WIN – Right Click).

Select ‘Properties’ at the bottom of the menu.

At the bottom of this dialog box you’ll find an ‘Appearance’ section where you can change the style properties.

It’s here you can either change the colour to either a preset colour (of which there are 16 colours) or select a custom colour of your own.

Another attribute that can be changed for bookmarks is their style, a Bookmark’s style can be changed to Plain, Bold, Italic & Bold/Italic.

This feature can be used to make certain bookmarks really stand out. Or even to just differentiate different categories or topics in your PDF documents.

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