Using Acrobat’s Index Scheduling

By utilising Acrobat 6’s new Index Scheduling we can have our Search Index files updated at any time of the day and on any day of the week. This is extremely useful if you have PDF files that are constantly being updated and you want to keep your search indexes up-to-date.

To make use of scheduling we need to two things:

  1. Windows Scheduler / Scheduler for Macintosh
  2. BPDX Schedule Instruction Text File (.bpdx)

Basically all we need to do is create a plain text file that firstly lists the Index file we want to update and then any ‘flags’ which will determine the action we want performed on the index.

There are three ‘flags’ supported:

  • Rebuild the Index: /rebuild
  • Build the Index: /build
  • Delete the Index: /purge

An example .BPDX file could contain:

\fileserversharedfilessearchindex.pdx /rebuild

c:mypdfsprivatepdfssearchindex.pdf /build

If we then created a new event in either the Windows Scheduler or the Scheduler for Macintosh and asked it to execute the Acrobat application with this BPDX file at the required time we would find that Acrobat would load the Index file we specified and automatically carry out either a Full Build, ReBuild or a Delete (Purge) of the Search Index.

For more technical details on Scheduling Index Builds refer to Adobe Support Document #328763 or visit

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