UNIVERSE Software GmbH releases pdf-Recover 4.0

UNIVERSE Software announced is release of pdf-Recover 4.0 and we had a chance to catch up with Thomas Baecker, Sales and Marketing manager for UNIVERSE Software GmbH to talk about this latest release, and his company’s plans for future releases.

But first, the update lowdown for pdf-Recover 4.0, according to Baecker, the latest version boosts the processing speed and also processes Adobe 8 files which are 128bit AES encrypted. Baecker also gave us news about how the company was redesigning its pdf-FormServer solution in order to make handling of the form solution easier. The solution saves PDF forms in Reader and Baecker said they hope to push the solution more in terms of functionality for users. Baecker also said the company is working on the redesign because the other form-saving solutions in the arena are sometimes cost prohibitive to the SMBs who need to utilize them.

The company plans to make a big announcement in August and launch a new solution that ‘will provide many benefits to PDF forms users,’ noted Baecker.

When asked how he sees the functionality and usage of PDFs growing in the next year, Baecker said, ‘We think that PDF will grow more and more the standard in office communications. In prepress and publishing, it already is. And we are working toward it also becoming an integral part of company workflows. That means interactive PDF (forms). We still think they have too many limitations and that is what we are focusing on in the future.’

In terms of exciting innovations in the PDF arena, Baecker said, ‘In Europe, we see an increasing demand of PDF signature solutions. More and more companies only want to send their invoices electronically and this requires high signature standards to get official tax approval in Europe. This is a very interesting innovation in the PDF arena.’

In other news, UNIVERSE Software GmbH’s pdf-FormServer and pdf-Recover also garnered two ‘Innovationspreis 2007’ awards this week.

For more information on solutions from UNIVERSE Software GmbH, you can visit the company’s Web site.

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