Ubiquitous PDF: What if?

In a perfect future, pollution, famine, poverty and a host of other nasties would all be legacies of a bygone age. While such an era is no doubt a while off, the optimistic folks at commutercars.com have generated a graph of the projected energy savings if 50 million drivers of conventional vehicles switched to Tango electric cars.

The following is an excerpt from the original PDF document:

‘According to the 2002 Urban Mobility Report (a study of the 75 largest urban areas in the U.S.), 5.7 billion gallons of fuel are wasted annually due to idling in traffic. To add insult to injury, 3.6 billion hours of commuters’ time is wasted every year. As shown in the chart below, the total energy costs of fueling 50 million Tangos for one year would be less than the value of that wasted fuel — not to mention the timesaving benefits gained by reduced road congestion.’

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