Ubiquitous PDF: Walk in with two PDFs, walk out with a book

The Espresso Book Machine was named by Time Magazine as ‘Invention of the Year’ but its creators have been slow to perfect and implement their creation. Version 2.0, however, is now being rolled out in bookstores worldwide. The machine can be used to access hard-to-find titles not usually stocked by small bookstores — or you can bring along PDF files and make your own.

‘All you need is two PDFs – one for the cover, one for the book — and we can print it,’ said bookstore manager Barry Bechtad. Owner-operator Sean O’Slynn added that the machine breathes life into an industry increasingly dominated by big money. ‘We see a lot of bookstores going the way of the dodo,’ he said. ‘We decided to look at this as an opportunity to revitalize the store.’

The Espresso Book Machine is made by On Demand Books: use their site to find a location in your capital city.

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