Ubiquitous PDF: US not safe from electronic attack

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has thus far failed to adequately secure internet infrastructure. The Government Accountability Office has released a PDF report that states that the US is not prepared for the possibility of a cyber-emergency, and that there could be serious consequences.

‘The DHS cannot effectively function as the cyber-security focal point intended by law and national policy,’ said the report. ‘As such, there is increased risk that large portions of our national infrastructure are either unaware of key cyber-security risks, or are unprepared to effectively address cyber-emergencies.’

According to the report: ‘While the DHS has initiated multiple efforts to fulfill its responsibilities, it has not fully addressed any of these responsibilities and much work remains ahead.’ These responsibilities include formulating a plan of action to protect the vital US internet infrastructure and making a concerted effort to strengthen cyberspace security worldwide.

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