Ubiquitous PDF: The Boys to Beat Brazil

Looking to add a little spice to the soccer World Cup this year? English-born, Australian-based author Charlie Lawrence has written an eBook novel that combines the themes of soccer, human cloning, ethical dilemmas and patriotism. From June 9, he’ll be posting a new chapter for free download every weekday, concluding with the final episode on July 6.

The synopsis from the Web site:

The biggest cover up in football history

In 1979, after failing to qualify for the previous two world cups, the English FA decided to take matters in to their own hands and secretly try and clone the heroes of 1966.

The experiment failed and was hushed up. But the scientist hired to conduct the experiment wasn’t finished. Determined to become the first person to successfully clone a human, he continued the experiment in secret.

In 2006, while reporting on the sudden death of the medical head of the FA, Nobby Sharpe blunders upon the conspiracy that could shake the very foundations of world football.

It’s the scoop that could make him rich and famous. But Nobby is left with a terrible dilemma. If the boys exist, no matter how good they are, exposing the experiment would get England banned from the World Cup and they would never fulfil their destiny.

Should Nobby act for his own glory, or the glory of English football?

It’s a decision he might not have to make, since there are some very powerful people with a lot to lose who will stop at nothing to keep the secret safe.

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