Ubiquitous PDF: Printable PDF bookmarks

If you’re an avid reader, chances are that, like me, you are always misplacing your bookmarks. Of course, you can use a slip of paper, but why not download and print a spiffy design onto it first?

Courtesy of FreePrintableBookmarks.net, absent-minded bibliophiles like me can freely download themed PDF bookmarks. All you need to do is choose a design, print, fold and use!

There According to the release by Savetz Publishing, the site’s owner:

FreePrintableBookmarks.net has two dozen bookmark designs to suit fans of any literary genre. There are sci fi-themed bookmarks, Western bookmarks and Christian bookmarks as well as bookmarks for mystery lovers and fans of fantasy books. There are also birthday bookmarks for gift-giving and bookmarks with designs inspired by the four seasons. There are cartoon illustrations along with sophisticated designs.

So, if you just must have a themed bookmark right now, why not browse around at FreePrintableBookmarks.net and make a selection?

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