Ubiquitous PDF: Presidential finger puppets

With the presidential election approaching in a couple of months, excitement is building in the US. What could make the wait easier to bear? How about fold-them-yourself presidential candidate finger puppets?

According to folduscandidate.com:

Tired of those unreliable polls? Why not let the folds decide the outcome of the US presidential campaign? ‘Fold US Candidate lets you do the folding, debating and electing! Choose your candidate. Download and print her (or him). Cut and fold him (or her). Glue and hold her (or him). Give your candidate your voice — so that he )or she) can give a voice to you. Then, let your candidate interact with other candidates. Hold your own presidential debates with family & friends — in the kitchen, the office, the classroom.

Printable PDF candidate templates are currently available for Barack and Michelle Obama, along with templates for Cindy and John McCain. More information and access to the free PDF templates can be found at folduscandidate.com.

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