Ubiquitous PDF: Planning for unexpected cash

It’s the end of the financial year and some lucky souls are expecting a tax return. Whether or not the dollars are stacking up for you, it’s worth keeping in mind this new PDF tool from Squawkfox.

The Windfall Planner is a budget tool with a difference. Rather than plotting regular spending habits, it helps you plan what to do with unexpected sums. Kerry K. Taylor, author of the site, says, ‘It’s always a wise idea to have a plan in place before blowing through your new-found dough. There’s nothing worse then (sic) landing a windfall, spending it on crap, and waking up in the morning filled with regret and still in debt.’

Use the tool to remind yourself of upcoming expenses, but remember to budget for a celebration too! Create your PDF at the Squawkfox blog.

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