Ubiquitous PDF: Pimp my (Lonely Planet) guide!

Lonely Planet will soon be launching a customized guidebook creation service allowing users to purchase and compile their favorite Lonely Planet tips in PDF format.

The trial service will use content relating to Caribbean, Latin and South American countries, incorporating resources from 35 separate hard copy publications. According to Lonely Planet’s press release:

Based on feedback from the trial, Lonely Planet may expand the product range to include other destinations, as well as explore additional functionality such as combining selected chapters into one customized product that can be downloaded or printed on demand.

‘Over the years we’ve received countless letters and emails from travellers telling us they’d like to take just the parts of our book that match their travel,’ explained Tom Hall from Lonely Planet.

‘Pick & Mix enables this and is perfect for people travelling to multiple destinations not covered by one or two individual guidebooks, or those looking for very specific information. It’s also handy when plans change or you can’t get to a book store.’

The PDF chapters can be purchased and downloaded from the Lonely Planet online shop.

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