Ubiquitous PDF: PDF guide to evaluating impact of employee training

Business consulting firm Business Performance P/L has released a comprehensive PDF guide allowing users to measure the bottom-line impact of employee training.

According to the press release:

Even though U.S. organizations alone spend upwards of one billion dollars each year on employee training and development, most do not evaluate the effect of that expenditure on organizational results. The American Society for Training and Development reports that less than 10 percent of companies attempt to measure the bottom-line impact of their employee training efforts.

Vicki Heath, Director of Business Performance P/L, explained, ‘Many training managers and consultants have understandably been reluctant to put much effort into measuring training impact because of the expense and time involved. Also, they recognize the difficulty of separating the impact of training from other non-training factors influencing results. With our new toolkit, all the practical guidance and measurement tools are in one place.’

To simplify the business of time-sheet reporting, why not download a free, printable PDF time-sheet template from PrintableTimeSheets.net? More than 40 time sheets, which variously accommodate weekly, biweekly, and monthly reporting. Available time sheets also vary from very simple to more complex, with space for multiple break periods and the choice of daily or weekly overtime calculation.

According to the press release:

Each time sheet is available in two versions: a free version and a $9 spreadsheet version. The free versions are available in Acrobat (.PDF) format; the $9 versions are spreadsheets that automatically perform calculations for you. They are compatible with Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, and other spreadsheet applications.

If this sounds like it might be useful, you can find out more at the official Business Performance website.

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