Ubiquitous PDF: Painless PDF viewing in Firefox

If your main browser is the IE alternative that starts with ‘F’ and ends with ‘I-R-E-F-O-X’, you’ll likely be familiar with the disruptions that can result from attempting to view PDF files through this otherwise-fine browser. Guess what? A third-party developer has ridden to the rescue with a Firefox extension that is designed to streamline the process.

According to the vendor site:

This extension, every time you click on a link, checks if the target is a pdf file and in this case let you choose what you want to do (open pdf file inside or outside Firefox, download it to the filesystem or view it as HTML).

This extension is useful for example when you don’t know the size of the pdf file you want to view. In this case, in fact, if you load the pdf file directly in your browser you need to wait a lot of time in order to load Adobe or whatever PDF plug-in, download the file, and view the file. Using PDF Download, instead, you can see the file size in the dialog box that appears just after you clicked on a PDF link and then choose to download the file, open it or to view it as an HTML page.

You can find out more or access the free download from the PDF Download Web site.

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