Ubiquitous PDF: Open PDFs faster

If you’re a Firefox user and find your reading or Web-surfing pleasure disrupted by having to wait for your PDF plug-ins to load, you might like to try using this little tool I found online.

According to the pdfdownload.org:

This extension is useful for example when you don’t know the size of the pdf file you want to view. In this case, in fact, if you load the pdf file directly in your browser you need to wait a lot of time in order to load Adobe or whatever PDF plug-in, download the file, and view the file. Using PDF Download, instead, you can see the file size in the dialog box that appears just after you clicked on a PDF link and then choose to download the file, open it or to view it as an HTML page.

The PDF Download extension is freely from www.pdfdownload.org.

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