Ubiquitous PDF: Office Feng Shui

Finding your workspace is making you tense? Perhaps you could consider consulting a feng shui expert — Canon Europe did, according to a recent press release.

After recognizing unacceptable levels of ’employee office stress and rage,’ Canon Europe enlisted the services of U.S.-based Feng Shui Master and consultant, Dr. Simona F. Mainini, to assist with a pending office re-design. Canon’s initial interest in Feng Shui was sparked by a recent study into the causes of office stress conducted by ICM Research. The study, which polled almost 2,000 office workers around Europe, found that 60 percent of respondents felt that their office layout increased their stress levels, with 19 percent feeling it ‘significantly’ increased stress. A separate report released by the European agency for Safety and Health at Work found that the EU spent $20 billion Euros in 2007 on stress-related medical costs.

Canon Europe has even been kind enough to release a copy of the report — in PDF form, of course! If you’re curious, why not download and peruse your very own copy?

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