Ubiquitous PDF: Multi-format publishing with PDF

PDF publishing is mainstream these days, and it’s certainly more efficient and eco-friendly than conventional distribution channels. Sometimes, though, it’s a pleasure to sit down with a printed magazine, and many readers will never enjoy reading long items digitally. Magcloud is a self-publishing service which combines e-publishing with print-on-demand.

Start by uploading a PDF to the site: Magcloud will send you a printed proof. Every time someone wants to read your work, Magcloud will co-ordinate payment and offer them a choice of medium. MagCloud is owned and operated by HP, which says it is responding to a fundamental shift in the marketplace. ‘Users are demanding choice in the content they consume and the manner in which they consume it,’ they say, ‘and production is being fulfilled on demand.’

Magcloud can also be used to print small quantities, for example of art folios or calendars. You can read more at www.magcloud.com.

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