Ubiquitous PDF: Manuals-Search-PDF.com

OK, so you need to change the settings on your MP3 player, DVD player, or whatever, but you realize that you don’t know how. Worse than that, you can’t find the darn manual! Never fear, Manuals-Search-PDF.com — a search engine specifically for PDF manuals — is here!

In the words of KillerStartups.com:

A search engine for manuals is not just a good idea — it is something completely necessary if we take into account all the devices currently available in the market and the applications that see release on a single day, let alone a week. Nobody could master everything – not on his own, at least.

Although the site’s headline function is valuable, the search engine can be used to swiftly find MS Office files as well as PDF manuals. While searching could be streamlined with the addition of refinement labels, it currently works as a fast, no-frills document search engine. To get started now, see if you can track down that pesky manual at Manuals-Search-PDF.com.

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