Ubiquitous PDF: Make your own Ghost Phone””

Want to get started early preparing for Halloween 2011? Well, by downloading the PDF instructions, courtesy of MAKE magazine, you can make your very own Ghost Phone that brings back the voices of the dead!

The instructions involve using an old rotary telephone, basic AV equipment and, optionally, props to complete the spooky tableau. The project is perhaps best introduced by Greg MacLarin, the author of the original article:

Currently, I’m obsessed with analog telephones. I don’t know why. My last obsession was with the severed hands of mummies, but let’s not get into that. Today it’s phones. And these Ghost Phones are fun. The idea is simple: hide an MP3 player and its headphone inside an old analog telephone, and you can listen to someone talking to you!

To get started making your own Ghost PhoneFor more information, download a free PDF copy of MacLaurin’s article (including instructions) from the MAKE magazine website.

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