Ubiquitous PDF: Macworld’s iPhone Superguide

Speaking of ubiquity, it seems that everyone has an opinion about Apple’s iPhone. And, judging by its heady sales achievements, it seems that just about everyone has an iPhone.

With that in mind, the folks at Macworld have put their heads together and compiled a user-friendly guide to using them. It’s called the Macworld iPhone Superguide, the latest in their series of Superguide books. According to the Macworld web site:

Our 92-page guide to the iPhone will bring you detailed instructions for mastering your iPhone’s most important features, as well as a few hidden ones. You’ll learn how to customize the iPhone’s settings, how to squeeze the most juice out of a battery charge, and how to connect to nearby wireless networks while keeping your data protected. It’s also got tips for using all of the iPhone’s features, a guide to converting your DVDs for iPhone use and using Smart Playlists in iTunes to fill your iPhone’s capacity the right way.

And of course, the book also has a primer on the most important iPhone accessories, as well as some great iPhone troubleshooting advice for when things get a little hairy.

The 92-page guidebook is currently available as a downloadable, unencrypted PDF document, on CD-ROM, or as a full-color printed book. If you’re as impatient as me, you’ll want to buy the downloadable PDF version for $12.95 US.

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