Ubiquitous PDF: Li’l Kids available as PDF download

Von Allan, a Canadian artist and graphic novelist, has published his first graphic novel Li’l Kids as both a print version and as a free PDF download. Allan is the latest author to release their work online under the Creative Commons Canada license.

The delivery of content via multiple channels is still a relatively rare occurrence in the print publishing industry, according to Allan’s press release. Despite the availability of various electronic modes of delivery, many authors and publishers have remained wary of piracy. Specifically, Li’l Kids is downloadable as a free PDF eBook on the artist’s website, while a free torrent version is available via LegalTorrents.com. The graphic novel is distributed under a Creative Commons Canada license that grants readers the ability to distribute the online versions of the book for free.

‘I believe in both print publishing and bookstores and I always have,’ says Allan. ‘But I also believe that obscurity is one of the hardest things for young artists to avoid. By using a variety of online distribution tools as well as more traditional print publishing, I’m hoping more people will get to know both myself and my work. I believe that this helps build a platform for my continued development as an artist and helps grow my audience at the same time. I’m also very pleased to see that the book is already available through a number of channels, notably online at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.’

More information and access to the free PDF version of Li’l Kids can be found at Allan’s website.

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