Ubiquitous PDF: HP offers free, printable iPod tattoos

In the growing digital music competition, Hewlett-Packard (HP) is showing its support on its Digital Music Web section for Apple’s popular iPod and its iTunes music store — with a little help from Adobe PDF — by offering for download a variety of free, suitable-for-printing tattoos designed for personalizing an iPod.

HP has posted a selection of pre-fab designs in three categories:

To take customization to the truly personal level, HP also provides a way to upload an original image file and have it converted to a similar tattoo — ready to be printed on special paper soon to become available.

HP notes its own use of PDF for posting a wide range of print-oriented projects:

‘Most of the downloadable creative projects from HP are in Portable Document Format, or PDF. This is a file format developed by Adobe that preserves the exact layout of a document, no matter what computer platform the viewer is using or what application the original document was created in. PDFs are also compact for fast downloads. Because of this, PDF has become the preferred format for distributing large, graphics-intensive documents over the Internet.’

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