Ubiquitous PDF: Guide to Prayer for U.S. Election

Living in one of the so-called U. S. ‘swing
states’ that’s expected to play an important role in the
selection of the next American president on November 2 means
we’ve been subjected over the past many months to far too
many candidate commercials, fund-raising solicitations,
phone surveys and assorted other polls and pitches. If the
election results are as close as most are predicting — and
if the confrontational attitudes between the major parties
spill over into prolonged legal challenges — it’s quite
likely we won’t know who won for days, weeks or possibly
even months. The good news is that the commercials, etc.,
will finally cease, an answer to prayers here in Wisconsin
and in other hotly contested states.

For better or worse, religion has played a
significant role in the campaigns and policy positions of
both political parties, so it seems appropriate that a ‘HREF=’http://www.upperroom.org/bookstore/pdfs/election_prayer_guide.pdf’>Guide to Prayer for the 2004 National Election‘ [PDF: 141kb] has recently been made available online. The free resource is an adaptation of a prayer guide designed for the 2004 General Conference of The United Methodist Church. The introduction explains the guide’s purpose:

‘Americans can take our voting
rights for granted. But voting is a privilege and a
responsibility. And a national election brings an
opportunity to reflect upon God’s will for our nation. We do
not confuse national interest with the reign of God, nor do
we assume that those interests are necessarily in

The guide begins October 10
and leads through the upcoming Election Day. An additional
selection of prayers, scripture, and readings for November 2
is provided to help citizen voters ‘pray for this election
and commit to pray for the outcomes.’

Yes, pray for an outcome, by all means!

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