Ubiquitous PDF: Free tool maps traffic incidents

When something goes wrong on the roads, arguments over who did what often turn into heated and inefficient disagreements. A new PDF tool may give you an advantage after an accident: the ability to show exactly what chain of events led to that dented bumper.

The makers of Accidentsketch.com say that whether it’s your fault or another driver’s, you will have:

[M]any questions to answer and forms to fill in — from the police, insurance companies, and perhaps even lawyers and courts…(and) almost every one of those forms requires you to draw a diagram of what happened. AccidentSketch.com provides you with the tools to draw the sequence of events — and you only have to drag and drop road and vehicle icons onto a screen, fill in some details, then print out the accident report with your sketch.

Accidentsketch.com is a free service, and while you’re making a sketch you can also attach a detailed text description to your visual tools. When the sketch is finished, print it out or download and forward the PDF file.

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