Ubiquitous PDF: Free short film distribution guide released

Nigel Smith, an award-winning producer of short films, has released a free PDF guidebook to help budding filmmakers find wider audiences for their short films.

According to EdinburghGuide.com:

Titled You’ve Got It Made, the booklet offers advice on how to get into film festivals or onto DVD compilations and points the way to existing resources that shorts filmmakers should make use of, such as funding for travel and accommodation expenses.

Smith advises on what to expect of sales agents and makes suggestions on how to use the internet for distribution, adding a note of caution: ‘as soon as your film is available on the web it becomes of less interest to film festivals, sales agents and DVD compilers.’

Perhaps most useful for filmmakers are Smith’s personal anecdotes and the sample materials from promoting his own films, such as a promotional budget and a film festival submission letter.

You can download your very own copy of You’ve Got It Made from ScottishScreen.com.

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