Ubiquitous PDF: Free books from In Pictures

Readers seeking online diversions will be pleased to note that In Pictures will be offering its entire range of 22 books for free PDF download until August 1. Unlike most commercial content, the books will not be protected by a DRM system, and the company even encourages readers to copy and share them.

After that time, the site will still offer a ‘free book of the month’ on an ongoing basis.

In a move reminiscent of the ‘shareware’ model still used with some software, readers who like the free books enough will be able to purchase electronic or spiral-bound hard copies from the In Pictures’ Web site. In Pictures creator Chris Charuhas explains:

‘We could have spent a hundred thousand dollars on advertising that most people would ignore,’ said Charuhas. ‘But instead we decided to give away a hundred thousand dollars worth of books. When people try them, they like them, then they spread the word.’

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