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The web has long been a playground for armchair critics and hobbyists, but it’s also an important marketing medium for many businesses and a source of extremely high- and low-quality information about life, the universe and everything. How can one tell the difference between what is simply one person’s opinion and a sales ploy, or even, *gasp* valid, unbiased information? The answer may be at hand for some, with the release of a free booklet on how to tell Internet garbage from the real thing.

‘By and large, the overwhelming majority of the stuff you get on the Internet today is self-serving, bogus, useless hogwash,’ says Dr. Irving Shapiro, author of ‘You Must Not Let Them Con You! There’s Too Much at Stake.’ ‘The worst part of it,’ he continues, ‘is that people make decisions based on that hokum. And you know how that goes — garbage in, garbage out.’

So as a public service, Dr. Shapiro has written a booklet for the Mens Sana Foundation — entitled InfoTest — that addresses these topics, and helps readers discern fact from spin. InfoTest is freely available in PDF format from the Mens Sana website.

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