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Deadlines for print and broadcast media came and went
Tuesday night, November 2, without resolution of the
expected story of the day — the outcome of the U.S.
presidential election. After waiting as long as possible for
definitive results, editors and reporters across the country
scrambled to develop substitute stories and headlines [see
November 3 Columbus (OH) Dispatch example below] explaining
the delayed verdict, with late-arriving votes in the state
of Ohio left to settle the issue of whether George W. Bush
or John F. Kerry had been elected with at least 270
electoral votes.

Kerry settled the matter Wednesday afternoon
when, realizing there was no chance to pick up enough votes
among those not yet counted to offset the lead of the
Republican incumbent, he conceded the election in the spirit
of unity.

src=’http://www.planetpdf.com/images/cliffhanger_colohio.jpg’ align=’right’
width=187 height=334 alt=’Cliffhanger 2004 Election
Headline’ border=’1’> Therefore, keepsake editions of
local newspapers reporting the conclusive details and
analysis won’t hit the doorsteps of most American
subscribers until Thursday morning. At the same time, Adobe
Reader-equipped readers can log onto the Web site of the HREF=’http://www.newseum.org/’ TARGET=’_NEW’>Newseum – The
Interactive Museum of News to browse a regular online
exhibit called ‘HREF=’http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/’
TARGET=’_NEW’>Today’s Front Pages‘ where every morning,
more than 300 newspapers from around the world submit front
pages for review and downloading — including printable PDF
versions of each. The full selection of each day’s front
pages is available daily on the Web site by 9:30 a.m.

In a related online exhibit on HREF=’http://www.newseum.org/frontpages/election2004.htm’
TARGET=’_NEW’>Election 2004, the Newseum tracks ‘how
newspapers reported the highlights and lowlights of the 2004
presidential campaign,’ beginning with July 30, 2004

The Newseum also has archived a selection
of other newsworthy front pages that chronicle events of
historical significance including the
TARGET=’_NEW’>Terrorist bombings in Madrid
(March 11,
2004); the HREF=’http://www.newseum.org/frontpages/wariniraq.htm’
TARGET=’_NEW’>War in Iraq (several dates between March
20, 2003 and April 1, 2004); the HREF=’http://www.newseum.org/frontpages/columbialost.htm’
TARGET=’_NEW’>Columbia shuttle explosion (February 1,
2003); and the HREF=’http://www.newseum.org/frontpages/911.htm’
TARGET=’_NEW’>9/11 terrorist attacks (Sept. 12,

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