Ubiquitous PDF: Downloadable guide to seizure first aid

Would you know what to do if a friend, loved one or even a complete stranger experienced an epileptic seizure near you? Courtesy of Epilepsy.com, you can now download a free PDF guide to seizure first aid that explains just that.

According to the site, there are some general points to keep in mind when someone is having a seizure:

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Prevent injury.

    During the seizure, you can exercise your common sense by insuring there is nothing within reach that could harm the person if she struck it.

  3. Pay attention to the length of the seizure.
  4. Make the person as comfortable as possible.
  5. Keep onlookers away.
  6. Do not hold the person down.

    If the person having a seizure thrashes around there is no need for you to restrain them. Remember to consider your safety as well.

  7. Do not put anything in the person’s mouth.

    Contrary to popular belief, a person having a seizure is incapable of swallowing their tongue so you can breathe easy in the knowledge that you do not have to stick your fingers into the mouth of someone in this condition.

  8. Do not give the person water, pills, or food until fully alert.
  9. If the seizure continues for longer than five minutes, call 911.
  10. Be sensitive and supportive, and ask others to do the same.

After the seizure, the person should be placed on her left side. Keep in mind there is a small risk of post-seizure vomiting, before the person is fully alert. Therefore, the person’s head should be turned so that any vomit will drain out of the mouth without being inhaled. Stay with the person until she recovers (5 to 20 minutes).

You can find out more or download the free First aid for seizures guide from Epilepsy.com.

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