Ubiquitous PDF: Download user manuals before you buy

Ever gotten home with your new toy only to find that it is missing the one feature you really wanted? Never fear, Diplodocs.com is here!

According to appscout.com:

You can find over a million user manuals in 26 different languages for a wide variety of products, from computer equipment to sewing machines. You can therefore check out the user manual before you buy, and make sure the product you’re interested in is as easy to use as the commercials say it is.

Diplodocs is free, so if you’re looking for a manual to show you how to thread your mom’s old sewing machine, you don’t have to pay some obscure service to go research it, scan it, and e-mail the PDF to you. The beauty of Diplodocs is that it serves as both a reference utility for products and services that you already own and a resource for you to check out the owner’s manual of products you’d like to buy before you drop the cash on them.

So, why wonder about setup issues or guess at feature lists? Simply search for the product in question’s manual at Diplodocs.com to find out for free.

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