Ubiquitous PDF: DIY PDF magazines, courtesy of CNET and Magazinify

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly finding interesting tidbits on the web that for whatever reason, you just can’t read right now. For example, when I’m trawling through the web for PDF-related news, I often stumble across content that is absolutely fascinating, but unfortunately irrelevant.

I have the Instapaper app on my iPhone, which lets me save web content for later offline reading. It’s great, and I recommend it, particularly if you want to save on battery life, 3G downloads, or are troubled by network drop-outs or bandwidth issues.

While Instapaper does a good job of storing individual articles, I must admit that I sometimes lose track and forget to read them. Also, I find that, more and more, I’m choosing to read on my Kindle rather than my trusty iPhone. Enter: Magazinify.

In a similar way to Instapaper, Magazinify lets users add articles to a queue for later reading as they browse the web. Unlike Instapaper, however, it can be configured to regularly collect these articles into a PDF digest that is sent according to a schedule that you set yourself. For example, you could set your account to email through your digest at 5:00 pm every Friday. You could then transfer the resulting PDF to your eReader of choice and read it on your trip home.

In any case, the nice folks at CNET have been nice enough to publish a step-by-step guide that explains how to set this up using a free Magazinify account.

If you think you don’t need the tutorial, you can also go straight to Magazinify.com to get started.

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