Ubiquitous PDF: Defeat Army red tape with your iPhone or iPod Touch

A new NCOForms app means soldiers can fill out DA forms without having to use a computer. The app’s creators, ‘two soldiers who were simply fed up with the annoying process of submitting forms in the Army,’ say that created the app in response to a difficult form submission process.

‘Under the current system,’ the soldiers-turned-entrepreneurs say, ‘when the requirement to submit a form arises, the soldier is required to find a military terminal, confirm that the presently used software (PureEdge) is both installed and up-to-date, find the most up-to-date form they are looking for … fill out each individual block of the form, and then finally print it for submission … PureEdge does not allow the soldier to save their information in the software.’

The NCOForms app saves the user’s information and stores it securely. It can retrieve relevant forms as needed, then send a populated PDF version to the user for quick submission. More information can be found at the NCOForms site along with screenshots, and the app is available from iTunes for $2.99.

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